A new microbrewery in the DC area could be yours if you choose to make a great investment. In between the two states of Maryland and Virginia this area is prime real estate to start a business you want to see thrive.

With a positive net cash flow projected within the first five years of opening, it is a great opportunity knocking at your door. DC is accustomed to hosting politicians, world leaders, and tourists from around the globe. From the locals to the tourists you will always have a steady stream of customers wanting to experience DC’s beers to the fullest.

Big companies like Budweiser and Coors have been losing business to the microbreweries that have popped up. Being a microbrewery the options of selling beer straight to the customer or to local restaurants is a huge plus. Companies like Flying Dog and Dogfish Head see sustained success year after year following this model. They have huge followings all along the east coast.

With the amount of people visiting DC you could spread the name of your microbrewery far and wide in a relative short amount of time. While growing your sales and influence, the microbrewery would be in the perfect area to become another powerhouse on the east coast. The microbrewery would become well known relatively quickly in Virginia, DC, and Maryland through word of mouth and various beer festivals. The spot in DC would also allow for the microbrewery’s clout and sales to expand easily into West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In those five states and one district alone the company would be able to prosper and see huge revenues. When it is time to finally break through and reach states like New York in the north and Florida in the south, investors will truly see why buying into this microbrewery was the best choice of their lives.

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